This Cute Dog Decided To Start a Fight With The Lemon! Your Day Will Be Better…Instantly!

What’s more fierce than the cat and mouse, meaner than the tortoise and the hare, and more sharp than Pepsi and Coke? The rival that’s as old as time, Dog vs. Lemon.

As soon as Cavanaugh, the Bermese puppy, saw that lemon wedge laying on the kitchen floor, he instinctively knew that he was looking at the enemy.

This is the ultimate showdown. One of the most ruthless rivalries known to man: Dog vs. lemon. The puppy named Cavanaugh stares down his opponent warily, waiting for the sour fruit to make the first move.

Cavanaugh crouches down low on all fours and stares at the offending wedge before making his move, pouncing on it and pawing at the fruit angrily.

He glares at it once more, trying to figure out just how threatening this mysterious shiny object is, before batting the citrus wedge around a bit.

That’s the moment Cavanaugh figures out that the lemon can’t hurt him at all.

Watch the first round of this fight below! The second round is on the next page 😀 :

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Watch the second round of this fight on the next page:

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