They Took Home A Special Needs Cat Everyone Ignored At The Shelter. 2 Years Later…

Now, let’s be honest. If you saw this cat at a shelter – would you want to adopt it and take it home with you? He and his sister had been left at the Happy Cats Haven shelter in Colorado Springs, CO when their owner moved away. He was overlooked for months at the shelter.

one eyed cat

Then one day, Dizzy, the cat, was offered a forever home! Melanie said she and her husband Sal saw Dizzy’s picture on Petfinder and were smitten!

one eyed cat

Melanie and Sal’s cat, Meatball, had recently passed and they were ready to get another cat to add to their family. Dizzy got the honor.

one eyed cat

Other than his snaggle tooth and missing eye, Dizzy was normal. He was a little shy at first, though, according to Melanie.

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