They Rescued 40 Neglected Pit Bulls From an Abandoned House And Offered Them a Whole New Life!

There’s something heartbreakingly irresistible about pit bulls. They’re often stigmatized and chalked off as being dangerous, but they are just as capable of being sweet and loving as any other breed of dog.

As a matter of fact, pit bulls have shown time and time again that they can be tender and nurturing, even though they’ve been neglected or abused, like this poor pit was.

Although everyone has a different opinion, you can’t argue that at least for these poor pit bulls, found in Lake Mathews, CA, there was nothing scary about them at all – except of course for the conditions that they were found in!

Abandoned by an owner who was serving time in jail, the dogs were fighting for their lives inside an incredibly filthy house, until luckily, they were discovered by animal services.

Fortunately, now that they’ve been found, they’re working and eating their way to gaining a healthy amount of weight, and they’re being completely spoiled while they wait to find their forever homes.

After being alerted by a disgustingly sickening smell wafting from a home in the neighborhood, a Lake Mathews, CA, local made a call to authorities.

Animal control was sent to the scene to look around, and what they discovered inside the house was truly sickening.

The interior of the house was totally disgusting, and smelled of decay.

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