They Found a Nearly Dead Kitten On the Road, But Then A Miracle Happens…

Two good Samaritansfound a half-dead kitten lying in the middle of the road. They got emotional when they thought the kitten was dead but something amazing happened…the tiny kitty moved her head!

The kitten felt the warm hand and started to move.

One of her rescuers said: “Zaak and I found this kitten in the middle of the road when we were coming back from our bike ride today. We thought she was dead until she lifted her head towards us.”

‘I muted the beginning of the video because we were crying a lot. We thought we were about to watch her slowly die in pain. We sat with her for 10 minutes until we decided to move her to the side of the road. We waited but she only seemed to feel better, so we took her home and cleaned her up”.

Watch the full video below!

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