These Two Cat-lovers Prepared Their Dream Wedding Party…With Rescue Cats!

COLORADO – This couple wanted something special for their wedding and they invited some…cute rescue kittens.

Michele and Nick met in 2011 at a veterinary school, completely fell in love, and adopted two stray cats that got named Bam-Bam and Wiggles.

They became veterinarians and they love spending time with animals at work and having fun with their own pets, but they also donate rescue animals at Colorado animal rescue centre, Divine Feline.

They love cats more than everything. So for the wedding day, they brought two cute kittens!

Michele and Nick borrowed two kittens from Divine Feline called Jeeves and Houdini, to bring joy to all of their guests while also raising awareness for the rescue centre.

Both of the kittens will be put for adoption soon, however, and probably one of the guests at the party will decide to take them.

“Everyone in the bridal party was freezing since we had been standing outside without jackets for a while and we told them all to wait for one more surprise and then we brought out the kittens,” Michele said.

“I think everyone’s voice jumped up an octave when they saw the cuteness overload and no one cared about being cold anymore.”

“One of the groomsmen was even reluctant to go back inside when we were done with group photos because he wanted to hold them!”

But this was not the only surprise! They prepared a cat-themed wedding cake, cat-printed shoes, and tables named after different animals.

Everything was perfect!

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