Their Humans Abandoned Them But These 2 Dogs Refused To Leave Each Other

Booboo and Bambi thought they’d be together forever. Ever since they could remember they were in the same pack. But when they human pack leader decided to just callously ditch and abandon the dogs one day, their world turned upside down. They were left in a parking lot. They had to start learning how to survive on their own.

They were managing it until one day someone called an animal rescue place and they went to pick the two up. They got Bambi, but Booboo ran away scared. They were separated for the first place in their lives… They both begun to pine for the other. They weren’t themselves.

So someone decided to make the effort to rescue Booboo. But it didn’t prove that tricky. She grabbed Bambi and headed back to the parking lot. As soon as Booboo saw Bambi – he ran into the car!

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