The Legend of Unsinkable Sam – This Cat Survived 3 Sinking Ships During WW2

Unsinkable Sam started his service in the fleet of the Nazi regime, the Kriegsmarine, and ended it in the Royal Navy.

oscar the unsinkable cat
via ZME Science

Unsinkable Sam served on 3 vessels during World War 2. Each ship sank during battle and surprisingly Sam survived each sinking!

Bismarck sinking

via ZME Science

The black and white tabby had been owned by an unknown crewman of the German battleship Bismarck. He was on board the ship on May 18, 1941 when it set sail on Operation Rheinübung, Bismarck’s first and only mission.

Ultimately, the ship was sank, and only 118 from its crew of over 2,200 survived. Hours later, Sam was found floating on a board and picked from the water, the only survivor to be rescued by the homeward-bound British destroyer HMS Cossack.

The crew didn’t know the cat’s name and they named him Oscar.

unsinkable sam 3
via ZME Science

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