Stray Cat Chooses Soldier To Be His Forever Human In The Sweetest Way!

Most cats know exactly what they want in life, and they also know exactly how to get it!

This stray cat wanted a soldier to be his forever human, and to get what he wanted, he fell asleep in the soldier’s combat helmet!

It might not seem like the most comfortable bed, but there was no way that this cat was going to be left behind!

The cat started following a soldier, named Justin, as he served on active duty near Constanta, Romania. Justin said that once he found the cat, it became his constant shadow.

Justin was kind to the cat, and it followed him to the barracks that they live in on the semi-abandoned base. So, Justin decided to call the cat Salem.

Salem enjoyed sleeping in Justin’s helmet and he also loved to hop into his lap for affection and love.

According to Justin there’s a huge stray problem in Romania.

In the photo below we see Salem and Justin as they share in a bit of quiet time together after a long and busy day.

Salem loves his new human, and he reminds Justin of home.

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