Walking beside a dumpster, on his way home after class, a college student in Santa Rose, California heard a faint whimpering and scratching coming from inside. He assumed that it was just rats and went about his business.

However, something in the back of his mind kept insisting…what if it wasn’t just rats? And he wasn’t able to get that horrible notion out of his head.

That’s what finally led him back to the dumpster, which he climbed inside of trying to figure out exactly what was making those pitiful noises.

Thank goodness he did, because that’s when he discovered a very tiny dog that had been thrown into the dumpster like so much trash!

He rushed the pitiful little thing to animal services and had all of her wounds taken care of.

Her name is Darla and she and her new owner are now inseparable and living together happily!

So grateful that this college student listened to that nagging voice in his head!

This little cutie is absolutely precious! He’s a true HERO and this little girl has got herself a wonderful owner now! What a sweet fur baby!

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Some Monster Threw This Tiny Dog Into The Dumpster, Someone Else Had Another Plan for Her! – ViralAbout