Soldier Refuses to Leave Special Needs Kitten Behind

An Army soldier rescued a tiny tabby kitten and refused to leave her behind.

It was back in 2008 when Christine Bouldin saw a tiny kitten named Felix, who is quite special. She was at her final deployment in Afghanistan after eight years of service in the US Army. Christine instantly fell in love with the little special needs tabby.

Christine Bouldin

One day she was told that a cat and her kitten were wandering around the base in need of help. She immediately went to find them.

What she discovered was the tiniest little kitten with ears that were half his body size, and the kitty couldn’t walk without flopping to the side.

“I’d never seen a cat like that,” she told. “I felt so sorry for her. She couldn’t stand up and would flip over.”

Little Felix had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which affects her motor skills. She wobbles when she walks but is otherwise as healthy as a normal cat.

Christine Bouldin

At first the kitten was fearful of Christine and would hiss at her as she approached. But as cat mama began to show affection towards her human friend by rubbing up her legs, little Felix slowly came out of her shell.

Christine became their daily caregiver, bringing them food and water a couple times a day. The kitten went from very skittish to letting her human friend hold her as she ate to keep her steady.

The furry family started to thrive. And it was time Christine began to wonder how to get both kitties home safely.

That month, the cat mama suddenly vanished and left her baby Felix behind. Christine worried about the kitten’s life and knew she had to do something quickly to keep her safe.

Christine Bouldin

Pets weren’t allowed, so she and a friend made a makeshift home with sand bags for the kitten, but little Felix could easily climb over it despite being a little wobbly.

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