Shelter Dog Is So Happy To See Her Old Family! Unfortunately They’re There To Take Another Dog!

You know that reaction your dog gives you each time you walk into the house? It is an undeniable reaction of love and happiness.

Zuzu was left at a shelter in Los Angeles and was, like most dogs, miserable. For days, the shelter staff and volunteers tried to help Zuzu, but she wasn’t easily consoled.

shelter dog
Image Credit: Shelter Me

One volunteer at the Downey Animal Care Center, Desi Lara said that there was a lot of confusion and sadness in Zuzu. Lara said that while most dogs run around the yard, Zuzu would tread softly and nervously looked around.

shelter dog
GIF Credit: Shelter Me

One weekend, Zuzu came to life during an adoption event. When Zuzu saw one family, in particular, she went crazy! She leapt up into the air and raced around the yard!

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