Pregnant And Paralyzed, This Little Dog Gets The Best Happy Ending!

Every once in a while, a dog rescue video is found that’s so touching, that it stays with you long after its conclusion has been watched. This story, without a doubt, is one of them!

We’d like to introduce you to an incredible little dog named Maria, that you’re sure to be inspired by. For much of her life, Maria was abused and neglected, beyond mending. Maria, a dachshund, was paralyzed from her ribs down, for quite a few months- and while suffering from this injury, she was forced to breed by her cruel owners, leaving her paralyzed and pregnant.

Because they have such long, squat bodies, dachshunds are infamous for suffering with back and hind leg issues. It can only be assumed that it was neglect that ultimately led to the little dog’s paralysis, and it stands to reason that breeding her in this condition made her little body even weaker.


When Maria’s owners became aware of the fact that her C-section- which was the only possible way that the vets would be able to deliver her litter- was going to cost them $3,000, they decided that instead of paying for the procedure, they would just abandon her.

That’s when a rescue organization in Texas, called Friends of Emma, who were already on a mission to rescue and heal dogs that were homeless or abandoned, took Maria in and saved her life.

When she was taken in for her first and very much needed vet visit, doctors diagnosed Maria with anemia due to a severe flea infestation, as well as a number of other infections.

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