Popstar Justin Bieber Gave Up On His Sick Pup Because He Couldn’t Take Care Of It

The international celebrity Justin Bieber presented a dog named Todd to his millions of followers. He won the hearts of millions of people from around the world!

But in 2017, Todd became very sick. Bieber said no longer had the ‘resources,’ nor the ‘time’ to take care for his puppy. So he decided to rehome Todd.

Todd in the Snow

Salvador took Todd and discovered he will need an expensive surgery to correct a condition known as sever hip dysplacia. Salvador, who has worked with Bieber for 5 years, said the singer did not want to pay for the surgery, so he had started a GoFundMe campaign, to cover the expenses.

Immediately, some major news media outlets published the story and people from all over the world donated for Todd’s surgery. Bieber did not donate any money for Todd’s surgery.

We hope Todd will recover fast. Bieber had no comment when asked about Todd’s medical issues.

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