Poor Was So Sick He Couldn’t Stand, Makes Unbelievable Recovery After Vets Step In!

It’s always inspiring to read stories of dogs who recover from a terrible life. Imagining what they’ve gone through not only physically, but psychologically can leave us all touched.

These rescue dogs fight to get a second chance at a happy life. Some get that opportunity, but others, sadly, don’t.

One of these many stories is about a dog named Merlin. And like the wizard, his transformation from down-and-out to happy and healthy is truly magical.

Veterinarians saved Merlin from the brink of death; he was nicknamed the saddest dog in the world because when he was rescued from a field, he couldn’t stand. Fleas, mange, and lesions covered his entire body. Patches of the dog’s hair fell off in clumps. Parasites feasted on Merlin’s system. Malnourishment caused him to be so weak he couldn’t stand or walk.

Merlin wasn’t just physically damaged. It seemed like he’d given up the will to live in his soul. What was Merlin’s life like before his abandonment?

Did he have a happy home at one time with people who loved him or at least whom he adored? It’s difficult to say. Dogs are, by nature, loyal creatures.

Honey Bear is a dog who was in a similarly desperate situation as Merlin. With the love and attentiveness of staff and volunteers, both Merlin and Honey Bear made full recoveries.

Merlin’s recuperation is incredible; he went from a dog who couldn’t stand to a pooch running around and playing with other animals.

He’s emotionally stable and ready to find a forever home. Like many dogs who came before him, Merlin found the strength to fight back and find his happy doggie spirit once more.


I won’t be the same the next time I visit an animal shelter. I’ll appreciate each and every one of those sweet animals needing new homes.

Though they’re happy and well-adjusted now, I don’t know what horrific situation they came from; how hard they must have fought to overcome their obstacles to reach the point of finding a new loving owner.

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