Poor Dog Shot With 2 Arrows Made An Unbelievable Full Recovery!

A dog thief shot the young dog with two arrows, hurting animal’s shoulder and neck. He was found by Chengdu’s Qimin Small Animal Protection.

Qiao Wei took immediately the poor dog to a clinic where he had his wounds treated.

The internet started to send the first reactions…

Chengdu’s Qimin Small Animal Protection started to receive thousands of well wishes and messages from international animal rights groups and animal lovers from around the world.

The shelter let them know that the treatment was successful and the dog will start a new life after his full recovery.

The shelter stated:

China has become a stage to outlaw the dog meat trade, an industry that is socially destabilising, reputation damaging, and morally repulsive.

The dog meat trade is the source of suffering to millions of dogs and tens of millions of animal lovers in China. China can never be a world leader if this barbaric trade is not outlawed.

This shelter is a the home for over 1000 stray dogs and cats.

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