Police Searches For a Cruel Human Who Cut Off The Ears And Nose Of His Dog And Abandoned Him

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) offers a $2,500 reward to find more informations about the person who cut off the ears and nose of a dog, before abandoning him.

The dog is a 10 years old  Rottweiler, found on the streets of a Detroit in agonizing pain. A man called the police, and they called animal control services to to rescue the injured pup. Mark Ramos, director of the MHS said:

“It appears that someone purposely maimed this poor dog, which has caused it a great deal of suffering. This kind of cruelty is unacceptable. We need to be a voice for these animals and as a community, we need to speak through our strong actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This animal deserves justice.”

This case is a tragedy on all levels and is a new low in the level of cruelty I have had the displeasure of reporting for years. No dog deserves to be treated like an animal because my running theory is that dogs are people too.

Dogs should be treated with the decency and respect every living being deserves, and the laws should recognize this.

Thankfully, the dog will make a full recovery. He is scheduled to have surgery on his nose, and when he is well enough, he will be placed up for adoption.

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