Pit Bull Puppy Stopped The Man Who Tried To Rape His Mom And He Got a Nice Reward

A few months ago, Maya Fairweather was walking through a park with her boyfriend’s pit bull puppy when a man attempted to rape her.  Fortunately, little Apollo grabbed the man’s leg and saved his mom.  Even if it is a maligned breed, pit bulls love their owners more than anything.

“He’s a good boy and I think he saved my life! He was protective. I think it would’ve been a lot worse without him. I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”


The night of November 28th Maya was at boyfriend Carlos Guzman’s apartment when she decided to go out with Apollo for a walk in the park.

She let Apollo off his leash to romp around for a bit.

“I felt someone pull my headphones. I thought it was my boyfriend grabbing me, so I turned around and smiled – but it wasn’t my boyfriend.”

The man pushed her to the ground, and tried to take off her pants. But he didn’t see the pit bull puppy coming.

“I fell down on my hands.  I just closed my eyes because they say that if you see their face, they will kill you. I froze. I was really scared,” Maya said.


“Apollo came and grabbed his leg. He said ‘Fuck!’ so I could run away. I ran across the street.”

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