Pit Bull Chained In Yard His Whole Life Is Learning To Trust People Again!

At 9-years-old, Nereus the Pit Bull had spent almost his entire life chained in a cluttered backyard. He was only brought inside every now and again; and if he was, he was put in the basement. His life was anything but happy, safe, or loving.

Nereus’s owner neglected him and let him sleep outside in a crate while chained; he was left to fend entirely for himself. Sadly — the neglected Pittie injured his legs two years ago and never even received medical attention.

A woman in the neighborhood noticed the Pit Bull limping and couldn’t believe his conditions; she alerted New York’s Bully Crew immediately. She was desperately hoping that someone could come and rescue this poor dog.

When the volunteers showed up, they knew they had to act right away — they had no idea how long Nereus had been chained in such a horrific environment. One of the rescuers decided to ask the owner to surrender the dog blatantly.

Pit Bull

With the help of a local police officer, they went up to the owner’s house and asked for the dog. Not wanting to get in trouble with the law, the man agreed.

They quickly went to unchain the Pit Bull; they were elated that they were removing the poor pup from such a sad way of life. But it was when they got to the car — they realized that something wasn’t quite right.

Pit Bull

“He was distant; it wasn’t like the usual excitement of being rescued,” Craig Fields, founder of New York Bully Crew, told a fellow website. “He just wasn’t used to physical touch, and he had no desire for human attention.”

The 9-year-old dog had lived a life of isolation and neglect for so long that he had no idea how to react or respond to human love and attention. It was evident he had a long way to go.

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