Passerby Heroically Saves a Family’s Dog From Their Burning SUV Just In Time!

North Carolina – one man passed by a parked vehicle when he saw smoke coming from the car, also he saw a dog inside.  He didn’t care about his own safety, he smashed the windows and saved the dog immediately.

The family was at IHOP in Asheville, North Carolina when they heard an announcement of a vehicle like theirs was on fire.


“We heard there was a green Ford Explorer smoking in the parking lot and we ran out here.” Debbie Hilton said.

“We ran out to the parking lot. We had brought our dog with us this morning, and she was in the truck. Someone had already broken the window out and gotten the dog out.”

Chad Reiginter – the man who saved the dog – was passing by the car and didn’t hesitate to save Abby. Fortunately he’s a dog lover. He said:

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