Owners Said They No Longer Had Time For Puno, Unfortunately Now He Is Gone Forever!

Just about a week from now, Puno’s family surrendered him at the Corpus Christi Animal Services facility and told them that they no longer had time for him. They declared that they couldn’t care for him anymore and then walked out without turning back again. Obviously the golden retriever mix pup was heartbroken, completely confused at his family’s decision to abandon him.

He was so consumed with fear he didn’t know who to trust anymore. The volunteers who were looking after Puno only had good things to say about this now homeless dog, but of course Puno didn’t know that. He was depressed. But instead of going to a new forever loving home, Puno was sadly euthanized because he was too fearful, too scared.

Take a look at this baby

Image Credit: Focus on Furever
Image Credit: Focus on Furever

Rest In Peace Puno. And to the family who did this, I only have one question, “Why would you do something like this?”

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