No One Wanted Wesley Because Of His Looks, But One Woman Knew He Was Purrfect

Wesley the one-eyed pirate kitty, with an adorably toothy perma-grin, spent the first 6 months of his life in a shelter.  Every day, he waited for his forever human to show up.  And, every day, people passed him by—unable to see his true inner beauty.

“I met Wesley for the first time a couple of days after he was dropped off (at the shelter). I was in love, but I couldn’t afford him yet and just KNEW he would be adopted in no time,” Wesley’s owner said.

“When I returned to the shelter about 6 months later, I was shocked to see he still hadn’t been adopted!”

“A lot of people just didn’t think he was very pretty to look at, and he was labeled special needs due to his congestion issues, his human added.

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