Man’s Kind Gesture For a Dog Killed In Terrorist Attack Becomes a Touching Memorial

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden, many have gathered at the shopping district where a hijacked truck attacked pedestrians to pay their respects for the four people who were lost in the attack.

But when Markus Krantz and his girlfriend went to visit, they realized that there was one victim who had no memorial of his own – Iggy, a rescue dog. So he made one specially for him, using dog biscuits, candles, flowers, and the collar of his first dog who had passed away recently.

dog tribute
Image Credit: Markus Krantz / Facebook

Later on, he returned to add a card to the mix – one sent on behalf of the Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary in Dublin where Iggy was adopted from.

dog tribute
Image Credit: Dogs Aid / Facebook

This act of kindness has touched other visitors to the area, and they have since expanded the memorial to with dozens of their own flowers and candles, as well as other doggy items in the mix.

dog tribute
Image Credit: Dogs Aid / Facebook

Iggy must be smiling now seing all those commemorating him! Rest in peace!

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