Man Spotted a Cat Running Scared On Expressway. He Stopped The Car Immediately And Jumped To The Rescue!

Kevin Wolff was going to work, when he saw a cat running scared on the side of the Brooklyn-Queen Expressway.

“There was a lot of traffic and it was going pretty slow. I just looked over and I saw her. She wasn’t moving, so I wasn’t sure she was alive,” Wolff said.

He asked for help to an animal rescue group. Anne Levin, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition who happened to be in the area, saw the plea and rushed to the kitty’s rescue.

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition

When she arrived, the cat was terrified and frozen with fear. Levin slowly approached her with a towel, and managed to wrap her upin.

“She was so wet and huddled, she looked like a piece of wood or trash just huddled up there,” Levin said.

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition

The cat was named Suzy! She is about one year old.

They took her to Park Slope Veterinary Center where they discovered that her tail was severely injured and would need to be amputated. Probably, the cat was “dragged or pulled under a car.”

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition

Once Suzy is strong enough, she will have the surgery and be on her way to full recovery. They hope to find the sweet kitty a loving home after she recovers.

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition

If you want to help with Suzy’s medical expenses, click here to make a donation.

Share this story with your friends. Follow Suzy’s updates on Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition’ Facebook page.

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