Man Spots Scared Dog Clinging To Tree In Rushing Water, Ties a Rope To Waist And Swims Out To Rescue Him!

Carson Crosby, a resident of Lumberton, Texas, originally posted the video you’re about to watch on his Twitter. There it quickly went viral with over 40,000 likes and over 15,000 retweets.

Carson, his brother Travis, and neighbors Darryl and Kavan Wise were making their way through a raging flood when they spotted something in the water nearby. It was a dog holding on for dear life to a tree submerged by the flood.

It only took the men a moment to realize that the dog belonged to another neighbor.


The dog had been swept away by the rushing waters of the flood brought about by Hurricane Harvey. It’s not the first time pets have had to suffer under the storm’s wrath. But luckily many heroes have come forth to help them.

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