Imagine that you’re driving down the road when you spot the cars in front of you braking a bit and swerving to avoid something mysterious.

While you can’t tell what it could possibly be at first, when you come up to the strange object it becomes clear: It’s a baby kitten begging for help.

While no one had any idea how this little baby got into such a scary place, one thing is certain: This little kitten would have surely died within minutes.

While everyone was doing a good job at avoiding the poor baby eventually someone wouldn’t respond fast enough, or even notice a life right there begging to be saved.

But instead of tragedy, one man slammed on his brakes, turned on his hazard lights, jumped out of his car, and walked up to the little creature.

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Man Spots a Kitten On The Highway, Then Slams On The Brakes And Jumps Out Of The Car – ViralAbout