Man Sees Desperate Animals Struggling To Survive A Flash Flood So He Risks His Life And Dives In

These animals would have been in serious trouble without some help. Historic flash flooding in several southern states, including Mississippi, has driven many people from their homes. The record rainfall is also making life difficult for the non-humans.

Many wild animals desperately sought higher ground, and ended up clinging to branches or finding patches of land that had not yet been flooded. The most recent onslaught of bad weather displaced both people and animals.

Seeing the animals struggling around their home in March 2016, brothers Frank and Joe Williams of Hernando, Mississippi decided to jump into action.

They got in their boat and headed out to see if they could help some animals. Joe, who owns a bow fishing guide service, donned his waders and dove into the hight waters to get to the animals that had found patches of dry land or branches to cling to.

While in their boat they spotted an armadillo alongside an opossum and came to their aid.

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