Man Saved Pennies For A Decade To Be Able To Buy an Ambulance For Homeless And Injured Pets

Balu had only one true passion in his life: helping animals. He didn’t know what else he wanted to do with his life, but he decided to save money and act on his dreams.

It took him over a decade to save enough, but eventually Balu was able to buy a van. He then converted the van into a one-of-a-kind ambulance service. This unique van would transport injured and ill homeless dogs to veterinarians in Pune, India.


“At first, I was a little afraid of dogs,” Balu said. “Now this is my life, I cannot leave this. I will keep doing this forever.”

Balu also takes care of sick dogs and cats in his home, administering medication and dressing their injuries. As a way to fund his pet ambulance, Balu charges pet owners around fifteen cents per mile to take them to the doctor. Worth every penny!

Check out Balu’s story in the video below! What did you think?

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