Man Lost His Son In An Accident, So He Decides To Offer a New Home For Over 300 Homeless Cats!

This retired train conductor from Long Island, NY, decided to save over 300 homeless cats and wants to give all of them a warm place to live in honor of his son.

Photo: Happy Cat Sanctuary

In 2006 after his 24-year-old son Eric lost his life in a motorcycle accident, Chris Arsenault started bringing home stray cats . One day he found a cat colony of 30 sick kittens, and knew he had to do something for them.

Photo: Happy Cat Sanctuary

And he opened Happy Cat Sanctuary -his home became a cat haven for the felines.

“This sanctuary is in memory of my son.” he said

Photo: Happy Cat Sanctuary

Now his sanctuary has around 300 homeless cats.

“We have saved cats from terrible hoarding situations, from condemned homes, and even from gangs who try to trap them for use as bait in dog fighting rings,” he said,

Photo: Happy Cat Sanctuary

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