Man Allows a Little Boy To Take His Spot So He Can Adopt The Dog He Wants From Shelter

Carl Clary recently proved that giving to others can bring very unexpected rewards. He had been in line at the Fredericksburg, Virginia SPCA for three and a half hours waiting to adopt a dog, the same one that the little boy behind him in line wanted.

So, he did what comes naturally to him and gave his place up so the little boy could have the dog.


Mary and Eric Garecht are the parents of the little boy that wanted to adopt the dog that Carl was in line for.

They simply couldn’t believe that someone would do that just to be sure that one of their sons was happy.  In today’s day and age, selflessness of this kind can be a bit thin on the ground.


So, what kind of reward could someone hope for in doing something like this?  Well, there really wasn’t anything materials on Carl’s mind other than making a little kid happy, but he did get what we think is a really sweet reward.  The family has decided to call the dog Carl, after them man that made the adoption possible.

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