Malnourished Cat With Painful Wounds Gets Adopted, Watch His Stunning Transformation!

In 2014 a malnourished cat arrived at Kern County Animal Services. Due to severe neglect, ulcers covered his mouth and his gums were inflamed.

He was missing love and affectionso they decided to name him Cuddles.

Nobody knew too much about this cat only that his owner abused and neglected him. His weight was only five pounds, also the staff estimated he was about eight years old. He was a very lovely cat but no one wanted to adopt him. He was scheduled to be put down.

Until Maine Coon Adoptions (MCA) — a rescue group devoted to saving abandoned and abused cats heard about this story – “The victim of intentional starvation and cruelty? That’s our kind of kitty.”

Cuddles was a fighter and started to recover, so Elaine decided to choose him a stronger name. His new name is Jameson.

Jameson was taken to a veterinary clinic for a detailed examination – his liver, kidney, and thyroid were looking good, but due to those ulcers on his mouth, all but two teeth had to be extracted.

Jameson started strict regimen of antibiotics and pain medicationthen he went to Elaine’s home to recover.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Jeannette and Scott – this couple decided to adopt a new cat after losing their nineteen-year-old cat.

When they heard Jameson’s story, they knew they have to take him home. Unfortunately, he wasn’t recovered yet, so they took two other cats home.

But Jameson started being sicker than anyone expected. While recovering, he had a urinary tract infection and was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. They had so start again with medications and diet spending over $4,000 to get him healthy again.

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