Karma Hits Back – Man Caught on Camera Savagely Beating Dog, Gets Beaten Up Even Worse

Tom-Jan Hüsch’s girlfriend decided that she had enough of him so she decided to end their relationship. He was heartbroken but he chose the stupidest way of taking ‘revenge’ from her as he went online and posted a video of him severely beating up her dog.

His ex-girlfriend along with a group of animal lovers were absolutely shocked to see the video that Tom could go to such an extent to take revenge


One of those animal lovers decided to take the law into his own hands and went on to show him what revenge means. Josef Guldschmitt is that person who saw the video of Tom beating the dog on Facebook and gave him the taste of his own medicine.

He did some detective work and beat the hell out of him. Josef uploaded the video on video sharing website called Live Leak and it soon got viral. We must say Josef has set a good example of all the animal abusers who would think twice before doing such a thing. What do you think?

Watch the video below!

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