A Russia Today journalist was interrupted during a live broadcast by a man who appeared behind her and slapped her across the face. Anna Baranova was covering a large-scale protest in Paris for the Russian news outlet when the violent incident took place.

As she appears to describe the events surrounding the protest, Baranova briefly turns around to look at the crowd before facing the camera again. Moments later, a man wearing a hood and a face-covering comes into frame, quickly slaps Baranova on the side of the head, and then speeds away from the scene.

Baranova takes a few seconds to compose herself before finishing her sentence and adjusting her helmet, which had nearly been knocked off her head by the force of the slap. Another protester claps loudly in front of her face, as if to applaud the person who slapped her, but Baranova bravely finishes her segment.

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Journalist Gets Slapped While Was On Live Broadcast in Paris, But She Bravely Finished Her Segment – ViralAbout