We have to warn you: this one is so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking. Saying goodbye to your furbaby is one of the difficult things any dog-lover can do. The tribute this family gave to their beautiful German Shepherd, Hans, is a touching, emotional and memorable way to say farewell to their old dog.

Hans was 11 years old and suffering from degenerative myelopathy. He was in pain, and his family decided to set him free. But before they let him go, they gave him a very special last day. They hugged him and made sure he knew just how special he was to them; they played with him one final time. They covered him in a blanket and napped with him. And they gave him an amazing last meal, at the table with his humans.

You can just see the love from everyone in the family for old Hans, and we only hope he passed peacefully and with all those loving memories.

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It Was Time To Say Goodbye To Their Dog. Their Last Day Together Had Me in Tears – ViralAbout