Inspiring Couple Drives 3,500 Miles To Adopt The Cat They Ever Dreamed

Finding the perfect pet can be a long and tiring process – but Bethy Campbell and her husband, Pasey Pettitt were willing to do anything to meet the cat of their dreams.

The couple, from Washington, were trawling adoption sites when they spotted a photo of Muffin; a ginger tabby cat who needed rescuing, but there was just one problem.


He certainly not close to home. “And then I see he’s in Iowa,” Bethy explained, which is more than 1,700 miles away from their home.

Then the rescue group, Agape Fosters, sent another picture of Muffin, along with a message asking them if they were still interested.


“Then we thought, this has to happen,” Campbell says. “It’s important enough. I feel that connection.”

The couple were approved for adoption, so the four day road trip to meet Muffin began.

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