Hungry And Dirty Stray Cat Gets Rescued After a Life Of Abuses. Now He Can’t Stop Snuggling…

He’s Brian – a dirty matted cat who supported a life of abuses. One day he saw a kind-hearted woman with food in her hands and calling out to him, so he walked up to her.

Happy Homes Animal Rescue

This starving stray was wandering the streets in Qatar trying to find something to eat.

“Someone found him in a tree hiding from other cats that were beating him up, he was abandoned and was out for long enough for this coat to get totally matted down to the skin,” Happy Homes Animal Rescue said.

Some good people offered him food and tried to find a way to rescue him. Yolanda from EvenStar Charitable Organization come there to give a hand.

Happy Homes Animal Rescue

He was very happy to be rescued!

Yolanda shaved and vetted him, then contacted Happy Homes Animal Rescue to see if they can find someone interested to adopt him.

Happy Homes Animal Rescue

“We have worked with her in the past to help with other cats. She said he’s very sweet but a bit defensive from his time on the streets,” Happy Homes Animal Rescue said.

Happy Homes Animal Rescue

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