Homeless Kitten Walks Up To a Man, Begging To Be Adopted. After a Few Months He Looks Unrecognizable!

He’s Onion – A tiny homeless kitten that walked up to a young man when he was out walking his dog. The little kitten started following him everywhere, asking to be adopted.

credit @Dustycartridge

“As I was petting my husky this little guy walked up to me. He is a kitten from one of the strays that live around here.” Will said

Will decided to take him to the vet to check his health status.

The kitten was born 5 weeks ago and his mother probably abandoned him recently because she was nowhere to be found. Will decided to take him home to be his forever human.

credit @Dustycartridge

First encounter

credit @Dustycartridge

Onion stole the heart of this young man immediately.

credit @Dustycartridge

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