Homeless Kitten Gets Adopted And Becomes Baby Boy’s Best Friend

Matthew Davis was dropping off his daughter at daycare when he came across a tiny kitten sitting on the porch, drenched from the rain and crying.

doug the kitten
via Jessica Davis

“My daughter said, ‘There’s a sad kitty outside, daddy,'” Jessica Davis said “He said he sounded so sad on that porch and it broke his heart. When he walked back to the car, the kitten followed him. He scooped him up and put him in his jacket.”

They found out the kitten was abandoned, and at only 12 weeks old, they knew that they had to adopt him. They named him Doug.

“He just instantly became part of the family,” Davis said.

Doug was so grateful to have a home, he couldn’t stop purring and thanking his new family. He follows them everywhere and he won’t let them out of his sight — especially the family’s youngest member, Rowan.

doug the kitten 2
via Jessica Davis

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