Homeless Cat Was Coming Everyday For Food, But One Day He Returned Unrecognizable

This stray cat stopped to the pet shop everyday to get some free food. But one day he went missing and didn’t appear for five days. When he returned, he was looking like he was in a horror movie.

mister pickle 1“Lucky Mister Pickle kitty… this little man was a stray coming around my work for food and of course we obliged his needs being a pet store. Then he was struck by a car. 6k later he’s the best indoor baby I could ask for,” Melissa Popham posted.

Popham immediately took him and rushed to the vet.

mister pickle 2

These photos are unbelievable!

mister pickle 3Mister Pickle stayed 45 days in the hospital to treat his wounds. Luckly he’s doing better.

mister pickle 8

“The day the wire came out of his jaw so he could go sans t-shirts and put his bald body on display.”

mister pickle 4Mister Pickle is all fluffy and happy now!

mister pickle 7Popham adopted him and now he befriends the other family’s cat, Ted.

mister pickle and ted1He started a new life!

mister pickle and ted 2

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