Hidden Cameras Film A Pit Bull Chasing A Car After Being Pushed Out

The Mojave desert is a lonely place, and not someplace to get lost. Maybe that’s why the name fits this dog so well. Mojave was found by animal control under some of the weirdest, most foul circumstances that you could imagine. Animal control was alerted to his existence by a Kansas City Codes Enforcement officer who was monitoring illegal trash dumping.

pit bull
Image Credit: Examiner

Way out in the woods, people will dump trash so they don’t have to pay fines or for trash service. This is a huge problem, and cameras had been set up at several site popular for the activity.

That is how the officer came face to face with a video of Mojave’s previous family pushing him out of the car at one of these spots, like he was garbage!

pit bull
Image Credit: Examiner

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