Hero Dog Pushes His Disabled Human To Work Every Day In A Custom-Made Wheelchair

Laoma Yen works every day on the street in Luoyang, central China, polishing and repairing the people’s shoes.

It’s a struggle for Laoma to go until there, because he’s paralyzed from the waist down after being involved in a car accident when he was young.

Fortunately, he has a four-legged companion who is always by his side. Before meeting the dog he had struggle with this all by himself.

In an interview Laoma said:

“I got stuck once, and was trying to move forward up a slippery and muddy incline when I suddenly felt someone pushing me from behind.”

But, when he wanted to thank the helpful stranger, he was left speechless to see his own dog!

Laoma didn’t have money for an electric wheelchair, but he has a DIY wheelchair his best friend helps him to get around.

It was difficult for Laoma to feed the dog but locals saw this and they’ve all begun offering him a lot of food.

“Ever since the story was in the newspaper he has been even more enthusiastic about getting to work, because once he gets there his fans are waiting with all the tasty treats that he usually likes,” said Laoma.

Watch the full video below!

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