Hero Cat Saves Man From Losing His Arm. She Got a Nice Reward!

Paying attention to our felines could make a big difference one day.  Eric Russell should thank Ivy for possibly saving his arm.

Photo by The Sudbury Star

Mary Johnston was involved in a book when her two-year-old Siamese mix, jumped into her lap.  She didn’t stop there, continuing onto the windowsill, then back to the floor and, again, to Mary’s lap, all the while being very vocal.

Thinking Ivy needed help, Mary rushed outside. She found her neighbor, Eric, balancing on a stepladder, his arm blocked in the door of his garage.  He wanted to repair it when suddenly it moved, effectively dislocation is shoulder and cutting off circulation.  Fortunately, Ivy saved him.

Mary brought two neighbors to help get him freed just before the ambulance arrived. Doctor’s told him another 15 minutes could result in losing his arm.

Ivy got a gift card to an area pet store – Mary purchased a cat tree.

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