Heartless Tenant Leaves The Apartment And Locks Emaciated Dog In The Closet

The dog reportedly had lived in the closet for two weeks. Two weeks without being let out or having anything to eat. They found the one-year-old dog on Wednesday in Oklahoma City. The tenant of the apartment had been kicked out, and when a cleaning crew came in to clean, they found the dog in the closet.

The dog has been named Clark Kent, and Forever Yours Dog Rescue is now taking care of him. The group posted a message on their Facebook page. Michelle Owens, executive director, said that Clark tested negative for heartworms and will be staying at Animal Wellness Clinic for a few days.

Take a look at this baby

Image Credit: AbcNews

If you can, consider making a donation to help for Clark Kent’s medical expenses. Let us hope that they find the person who left Clark in the closet and punish him/her accordingly.

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