Heartbroken Dog Visits The Grave Of His Dead Owner Every Day

Dogs have been called “man’s best friend” and no matter how stereotypical the statement is, the emotion stands completely true. Well it wouldn’t be wrong to say that our canine friends have rightfully earned this title for themselves. They are indeed one of the most lovable and faithful companions a human can ever have. So if you own a dog or have ever lived with one, then you can totally relate to this.

A dog is a very social animal and likes to bond with people and other fellow canines. Also, they’re great judges of character. Dogs are born with this innate ability to sense a threat well in advance. Time and again, we come across stories about the wonderful bond between dogs and their humans. But still they never cease to amaze us.

Unconditional love unaffected by the circle of life

This is the heartwarming story of a dog named Zozo whose love for his human master didn’t end with the death of his owner. This is a beautiful example of an unconditional love that remained uninfluenced by the circle of life.

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Zozo was welcomed in the family with great love.

This all started like any other story. A Turkish man brought home a week-old puppy and named him Zozo. The family was more than happy with the new addition to the family and eventually he became everybody’s favorite. All the people in the house were very fond of the canine.

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Unfortunately, the death of the owner left the dog heartbroken.

Completely unexpected and highly unfortunate, the dog’s owner passed away on February 2014. Everyone in the house was hit with a wave of sorrow and devastation. But the dog, who couldn’t express his grief the way a human does, was way more than heartbroken.

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Zozo was unable to comprehend the emptiness in the life.

Usually, it’s humans who have to prepare themselves for the loss of their beloved pets because they have a comparatively shorter life span. Animals don’t often have to worry about such tragic situations but when something like this happens, they are not always able to cope with it.

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Zozo was hit quite hard by this sudden loss.

The death of his owner had caused irreparable damage to Zozo. He has been depressed for the past two years and hasn’t been able to cope with the loss despite the love he is getting from the rest of the family. Now the family is slowly beginning to understand Zozo’s suffering.

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