He Posted A Picture Of His New Dog On Facebook. Not Long After, Police Were Knocking At His Door

Many people believe pit bulls should be banned because of their reputation for being dangerous, unpredictable animals. No other dog breed has suffered so much public scrutiny, even though pits are just as capable of giving and receiving love as any other breed.

When musician Dan Tillery adopted a pit bull, he was overjoyed. So much, in fact, that one of the first things he did was share a photo of himself with his new pup on Facebook. However, little did he realize that posting that picture would soon cause him a great deal of anguish.


Dan Tillery, a musician in Michigan, posted a picture of himself with his new dog Diggy on Facebook. Not long after, police were knocking at his door, demanding he turn over the dog…

One of his Facebook friends had seen the picture of Dan and his dog and called the police because owning a pit bull is illegal in Michigan. Unfortunately, the police then removed Diggy from Dan’s possession, but that’s when Dan got to work. He decided to find a loophole in the law and began researching breed-specific legislation. While he was searching, he also did some poking around in Diggy’s family tree which led him to discover something else entirely.


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