Guy Arrested After a Video Of His Pit Bull Nearly Killing Another Dog Goes Viral

This young man from Arad, Romania was arrested by the local police after he posted a video on Facebook showing his pit bull dog attacking a chained dog.

It seems he did this just to entertain his friends. The cruel footage was taken with a mobil phone and shared on Facebok. They didn’t expect this video to start a wave of hate online. A lot of people reacted to it and asked the police to find and jail the suspects.

It was an easy job for the police to find the dog owner because the video was posted on his profile. When the police knocked his door he told them a totally different story. Obviously nobody believed him because in the footage we see clearly how he encouraged his dog to attack the other dog.

He may spend up to 2 years in jail. Because the laws to protect animals against abuses are not clear enough the pit bull couldn’t be taken from him, fortunately an association convinced him to give the dog to a shelter. Soon, the dog will be neutered and put on the adoption list.

Again, it’s not the breed, it’s the owner that encouraged the dog to attack. Warning, this footage may distress some viewers.

Watch the full video below!

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