Foster Family Refused to Euthanize This Puppy And Struggled To Offer Him a Normal Life!

When Nubby was born, he didn’t have any front legs. The veterinarian suggested that it would be best to put Nubby to sleep. His mom hadn’t rejected him, but left to his own facilities he would perish. His disability made it so that he would not be quick enough to maneuver around his siblings and find his mother to nurse.

Lou Robinson founded a dog rescue group named Warriors Educate About Rescue. She and her husband, Mark, live in Houston, Texas, and have been rescuing animals for many years. Lou teaches community classes about how to care of animals.

Nubby was a Boxer dog. When Lou took Nubby in as a foster, he was being bullied by his siblings and needed extra care if we were to survive.

The little puppy needed to be bottle-fed around the clock. As you can see here, now the dog no longer has to compete with anyone – for love or food. He was loved and well taken care of.

Every day, the puppy ate, and he grew and grew. Finally, he opened his eyes. From the start, he had a will and what Lou and Mark felt like the soul to live. He progressed as any normal puppy would, other than his missing limbs.

In the beginning, Lou and Mark had no expectations. They just wanted to get the puppy through the day. Then day 3 came and went, day 7, day 10, day 16 and the puppy thrived.

Nubby did not know he was disabled, and he did not realize he was different.

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