For 5 Months, This Heartbroken Dog Waited For His Humans To Return. Then One Woman Decided To Do Something

Rescuing an abandoned dog can be an arduous task for anyone who’s never done it before. But thanks to Hope for Paws, there are plenty of videos that people can learn from when they’re trying to rescue a stray dog and give it a better life.

That’s exactly what this woman did when she discovered that a dog had been left in an agricultural field for five months and hadn’t been rescued yet. Apparently, many people had tried before, with no success, but they continued to leave food and water for the dog.

Annette came armed with hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs, and spent 7 1/2 hours over two days gaining the trust of Buddy, the dog. He was nervous at first, and would run away if she got too close. Thankfully, she had a collar to grab onto when she saw the opportunity, but he managed to chew through at the least 2 leashes before she called for help. But once he was taken in, he couldn’t be happier, and slept for several days in a nice comfy bed.

Now, he has a new home with his foster family, who have officially adopted him. Pet owners, please don’t abandon your pups, they love you with all their heart, don’t break it to a million pieces.

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