Family Rescues Tiny Black Orphaned Kitten, He Eats Then He Starts Singing! OMG!

A kind Samaritan found this tiny 4-week-old kitten alone on the side of the road who seemed to be waiting for some help.

As soon as they gave him just a little bit of food, he was so happy he began t sing them!

Charmaine Chionhm who found the kitten, said he was very calm.

“The kitten was just sitting there watching all the cars drive by”

She and her friend didn’t see any other cats around the area, and they knew It would dangerous for this wee one to just sit there alone.

And so,they picked him up and took him into the house. The kitten was extremely quiet when he first arrived at his foster home.

Once his belly was full of food, changed! His personality shined through and he began meowing with joy!

Charmaine explained that the kitten was probably so hungry that he didn’t have the strength to move before.

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