Family In A Funeral Procession Saw A Dog Running Along Behind Them. What Happened Next Left Them In Tears

Leong Khai Wai and his family and friends planned a funeral for his great-grandmother that involved a procession to the cemetery. Two miles into their trip, however, they realized his great-grandmother’s dog, Bobby, was following the procession.

Leong Khai Wai

Instead of waiting for a ride, Bobby just trotted along behind the motorcade.

Leong Khai Wai

Once they arrived at the cemetery, Bobby lied down beside it refusing to move and waited patiently for them to proceed with the ceremony.

Leong Khai Wai

“They said it was the first time they’d ever seen such extreme loyalty in a dog,” Leong said.

Leong Khai Wai

Bobby clearly loved his owner and will miss her.

Leong Khai Wai

Watch the full video below!


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