Everyone Refused To Help This Stray Cat With a Rare Medical Condition, Until a Kind Man Saw Him

He’s Skimble Skypaws.


He is a 6-year-old stray cat, who spent his life on the streets of Los Angeles searching for some help. The large lump on Skimble’s nose is the result of a very severe fungal infection called cryptococcis.

He was helplessly wandering the streets, until one day, when a kind man noticed him and changed his life.


“He was found wandering the streets going up to people asking for help, everyone ignored him but one kind man couldn’t leave him on the streets in the condition he was in,” said Michelle of Milo’s Sanctuary.

Skimble was taken to the vet, his rescuer reached out on social media and came across Milo’s Sanctuary.

“We don’t know how long Skimble wandered the streets like this and we couldn’t turn him away when we were asked to take him,” Milo’s sanctuary said.

Skimble had to be fed through a tube.

“When it’s tube feeding time he climbs happily into his caretaker’s’ lap and purrs and makes biscuits the entire time,” said Michelle.

Skimble’s infection has eased significantly throughout the course of the treatment. He has shown tremendous bravery, and his spirit continues to surprise caretakers every day. Unfortunately, however, his condition will be lifelong, and he will need care for the remainder of his life.

“Even if he tests negative it can come back as it’s never truly out of his system,” said Michelle. “We hope that he recovers and spends a long and healthy life with us in our Lifetime Care Program.”


Skimble’s sweet and affectionate nature has captured a lot of hearts at the sanctuary and they are determined to provide him with a good life.

Skimble is working hard to fight this infection. If you would like to help with Skimble’s medical expenses you can sponsor him here and help the people at Milo’s sanctuary do what they do best!

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